“Away from the stress, the judgment or the anxiety for results.
Far away from stressful situations, or even clothes that don’t bring any comfort.
Free of cold poses or a forced smile. Free of “what to do”, of forcing a look that doesn’t fit you.
Just you, in your instant, in your space, in your essence.” 


That is the purpose of the Essentia Essay, a unique feminine photo shoot.
Created in a relaxed atmosphere, enabling spontaneous moments to flow, so that natural poses appear, the personality can express itself,
and the essence comes in a new angle and light. 

A project made to reveal the feminine, reflecting the essence of each woman, without models and stereotypes.

What is the photo style?

Indoors, we need a nice and cozy place with windows and doors that allow the natural light to get in and make it magic.
Could be in your house, friend’s house or a place rented in AirBnB.

Where is it done?

Lifestyle, that is my true-life photograph which I record “in action” moments that just happen in a spontaneous and original way.
A gaze, a smile and the way a sensation reveals itself, my lenses will be focused on building authentic and natural images that represent you.
Just when it is necessary I will direct you in a gentle and delicate way, always respecting what you are.

How much is the investment?

For 2 – 3 hours of session

Session fee: FREE for July and August 2019

Photos package:
10 photos AUD 200.00
20 photos AUD 300.00
1 photo AUD 25.00

*Deposit of AUD 50 in order to book the session and to secure your chosen date.
*Photos will be delivered in an online gallery.
*The proofs will be delivered in up to 10 days, and the final photos up to 10 days, after you choose your favourites.
*Rent of location is by client expenses.
*AUD 20.00 of travel fee over 50km from Adelaide CBD.
*Prices can change anytime.
*Special treatment with photoshop is made under quotation.

Let's book a session?