I am Marcella, photographer by passion, professor by vocation, lover of music and fascinated by human beings.

With photography, I find a singular way to connect with people, to love the arts, and to tell stories. I love the sensation of getting into the creative flux when I look through the lenses, of having fun and defying myself to create images that inspire sensations and emotions. I feel a fulfilment every time I can see in their eye, the joy of someone who sees themselves in a photograph created by me.

Here in this site, I share my way to tell Your moment, to celebrate the feminine ‘Essentia’, to reverence Dell’Arte and spread some Stories.

Going beyond this, I share my thoughts for you to know me a little bit more, and make you feel comfortable to invite me to photograph your moment. I would feel privileged to tell your story, and I assure that you will have the best of my photography for you to eternalise your special moments in life.

Do you want to know more about me? Look up the post My story with photography.

Do you want to know about my qualifications, please check my Linkedin

Or, Send me a message and we can have a tea and chat! *;D

Why I choose photography?

Because it is an outlet for my creative energy

Because it gives me a balance between felling and thinking

Because it is my meditation

Because I can share and connect

Because I can see different points of views

Because I can play with light, colours and shapes

Because I can reverence the human being

Because I can tell stories

Because I can be a memory keeper

Because I can imagine and create art