Finally, it’s ready!

I have spent almost a year being creative with my photography and have chosen with care and passion each photo and text for this new site. I took this long because after moving to Adelaide from Brazil and discovering a new language and culture, I have been on an adventure which has changed how I see everything around me. This has really influenced my photography!

Here, my heart has been especially stolen by two little ‘Gingers‘ who have shown me new ways to have fun. I wanted to capture the special times that I have spent with my ‘Ginger Star’ and my ‘Ginger Bear’ so I immersed myself into the captivating world of documentary photography. With this awesome experience and missing my own son, family and friends from Brazil, I realised how exciting it would be to capture those special moments for other families and friends.

Thus, with a casual and warm approach, I create ‘Your Moment’, photography sessions to keeping alive the magic moments that make life so original and unique. In these sessions, I focus on the little expressions, details, connections and emotions that emerge so spontaneously during the moments that we spend with those we love. I am so happy with my new style that I want to photograph all the families, couples, women in pregnancy, newborns, babies, kids and friends, that cross my path.

Here I am still telling Stories, reverencing the Dell’Arte world and revealing the feminine Essentia. And in my Blog/Vlog, you can see more photos and reflections that always make me Going Beyond!

So I’ve launched my new site, and I await the privilege of your invitation to capture “Your Moments” in order to keep them alive, telling your story.

Thank you for your visit!

See y@

Marcella *;D

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