A portrait created to reveals yourself

During the photograph session, we will discover different ways to show yourself.
With just light and beyond the technique, I want to reveal your light, I want to see you.


Who is this work for?
For everyone who wants to have a beautiful portrait.
It is specially designed for women, men, couples and kids.


Where is it done?
In a photographic studio.


What is necessary?
To wear black clothes, and as your desire, simple make-up and hair.


How long is the session?
Between 30 – 60 minutes.


How much is the investment?
(Special price!!!!!! up to September of 2019)
2 digital photos AUD 50.00
5 digital photos AUD 100.00
10 digital photos AUD 200.00
Individual photos AUD 25.00 each
All photos are delivered in an online gallery, up to 1 week after the session
*Special treatment with photoshop is made under quotation


Let’s book a session?