Life is made of moments!

And regardless of the reason, what matters is living each moment intensely. And why not make them last forever as well?
That is the objective of my photography, to celebrate and to capture your moments in an original, truthful and creative way for you to share and remember them.

For who is this session?

Families, Maternity, Babies, Couples and Women.

Where is it done?

In that particular place that most represents your moment of life. Which can be:

Outdoors, like beaches, parks, wineries, hills, everywhere!
Indoors, in a country or beach houses;
Home, that is an awesome way to keep memories of the place that you spend most of your time together.
Home is perfect for the winter season and for the little ones that just arrived in the world!

What is the photo style?

Lifestyle, that is my true-life photography which I photograph “in action” moments that just happen in a spontaneous, funny and original way. During an enjoyable encounter, we will create together a unique atmosphere to capture your moment in a spontaneous, creative and relax way. A gaze, a smile the way an emotion reveals itself, my lenses will be focused on building authentic and natural images that represent you.

Let's keep your moment?

Click at the photos below to see the best of each session!