I am Marcella, photographer by passion, professor by vocation, fascinated by human beings and genuinely curious about everything.

Photography is the best outlet for my unresting mind, and the perfect way to express myself, showing how I see the world and feel people. Every time that I look behind my lenses I get in a world with lights, shapes, sensations and emotions, that challenge me to create photography that tells stories and mainly, can remains.

Here in this site, I share my portraits and my spontaneous and “in action” way to photograph. With a lifestyle and documentary approach, I click families, mums to be, newborn, babies, kids, couples, women… In other words, I photograph everyone who looks for register real moments in an enjoyable and relaxing photoshoot, where the interactions and feelings are the most important.

Hope that you get inspired to invite me to photograph your moment. I will be honoured and assure that you will have the best of my photography to tell your story.

I’d love to receive your email! *;D