I am Marcella, photographer by passion, professor by vocation and fascinated by human beings.

Photographing is an outlet for my unresting mind. It’s a singular way that I find to connect with people and to tell stories.

Here in this site, I share my lifestyle and spontaneous way to photograph families, mum to be, newborns and kids. More than a make a good photography, my biggest challenge is create photographies that inspire sensations and emotions. I feel a fulfilment every time I can see in their eye, the joy of someone who sees themselves in a photograph created by me.

In my Blog, beyond the best moments of my sessions, you can see more of the photographies that I love to make too.

Hope that my photos inspire and make you invite me to keep your memory. I assure that you will have the best of my photography to tell your story.

Let’s talk about it?

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