Bringing the outside to inside!

We are living a challenging time with the COVID-19 pandemic, facing restrictions that we never could imagine before. However, we are discovering new ways to keep in touch with who is important to us and, mainly, to reinvent ourselves.

Thinking to offer my art to bring the outside freedom to compensate our inside life, I’m offering prints of my landscape photography with an exceptional condition.

Photographies printed in a high-quality photographic paper would be acquired in 2 options:

Size 8 x 12 in (20 x 30 cm) AUD 65

Size 5 x 7 in (12 x 18 cm) AUD 32

These are the minimum price (as you wish, you can contribute with more). As soon as you choose your photos in the gallery below, you can hit the button “Buy Printed Photos” to send me an email with your choices. And I will confirm your purchase and give information about delivery and payment.

You will be surprised how printed photography can awake sensations when you look at it, especially when you received it as a gift (this is an excellent gift to give for who matters for you).

“I will be extremely grateful for you will contribute to supporting me as a photographer”

If you are outside of Adelaide, South Australia, send me an email that I will find a way to delivery especially for you.

Let's bring the outside to inside?

The photos are shown with my signature just to copyrights protection. All prints will be made without it.