Telling stories

For a curious soul as mine, narratives are one of the fascinating things. To get involved with places, peoples and stories that put me out of my world is something that always attracted me. When I realised that I could do this with photography, a new world with endless possibilities opened to me. Now, I challenge me to improve myself to tell stories that provoke emotions, questioning, and mainly, bring us connections.

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Ubuntu Night

In January of 2016, I had the opportunity to see the work of Candi Horgan, the person responsible for the Prójekt Ubuntu in South Africa. In her house, Candi receives people from all over the world to work in the communities around Cape Town. With a head office and clusters spread in the communities, the…

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Wounds of fires

One month after, January of 2020, the colours changed from grey to orange. The orange colours that used to be associated with autumn, now show us wounds opened by the fire. We can see that nature is healing in its pace, without rush or worry about the losses. However, the damages for the people affected…

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In 2016, behind the car window, I said goodbye to Sao Paulo. The place that I lived in for 44 years and I thought that I couldn’t live without it. In the city that awake working, I only could see blurry lights away. In the land with several attractions, I just could hear noises that…

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My lovely Gingers

When I arrived in Adelaide, in September of 2016, my heart was stolen by 2 red-haired guys. Two little cousins whose personalities, Brazilian hugs and giggles, made and are still making my days happier and funnier. Here, I’m going to share with you some of the moments I’ve spent with them. Come along with me…

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Learning in the stage art

Have you ever thought about the walls that cross cities? Not only physical walls, that split public and private spaces, but also imaginary divisions that we built based on social and cultural differences? These were the questions that came up when I had contact, in 2015, with Teatro Cidadão. Teatro cidadão” is a social project…

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I am, because we are!

What makes people become volunteers in another country? That was the question that came up when my son, Thiago, was in Africa. At first, I thought the proposal was very strange, after all, in Brazil there are thousands of people who need help. But then, I saw that the wish to know other cultures highly…

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The night lights in Sampa

Rediscovering Sao Paulo! In a moment of deep change, with the option to move to the beach, and sensibility being shaped by photography, came a desire to photograph Sao Paulo, the city that doesn’t sleep in Brazil. During a talk with the master, Thales Trigo, we discussed a project to present in a professional photography…

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Goodwill chain

What do you do at night, when you arrive home from work? Also, on Sunday, the music from Fantastico* starts. So, while most of us just lie down on the sofa, there is a group of people that rolls up their sleeves and go to the streets! And what do they do? It depends. They…

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