Rediscovering Sao Paulo!

In a moment of deep change, with the option to move to the beach, and sensibility being shaped by photography, came a desire to photograph Sao Paulo, the city that doesn’t sleep in Brazil. During a talk with the master, Thales Trigo, we discussed a project to present in a professional photography course. A question came up, followed by a smile and ‘that’ gaze: why not photograph some of the famous places in Sao Paulo? Before giving the obvious answer, I stopped to think. I could remember two photos that I took and really liked. How couldn’t I accept the challenge?

Excited, I opened a map of Sao Paulo, Googled some locations and chose the places that I was interested in. Going out in the city centre with a professional camera wouldn’t be a good idea. If I were to survive, I would have to take care. I also had the support of the incredible volunteers, ‘Corrente do bem’, for whom I have deep admiration and gratitude, especially for Erick ‘Big’ Allan, who patiently looked after me when I forgot where I was and got into ‘photography mode’.

An interesting fact was what happened during the photo selection. Of 10 photos, just randomly, 8 were taken at night! It is a fact that I love a challenge, but nocturnal photography? Even I, who like to create something different, thought twice about this. However, it was what happened maybe because I’m a nocturnal person.

Here, I share some photos that I did, redid, did again, and did one more time… During this process, I rediscovered this city that never sleeps. It always shines, pulsates and at the same time offers every opportunity that we can imagine. It consumes us and makes us part of lights and concrete.

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* Corrente do bem – Brazilian group of volunteers that help homeless people in Sao Paulo city centre. See more in


Ps: I did a play list with songs that talk about Sao Paulo. Enjoy it in Spotify 


Avenida Paulista | Paulista Avenue


Viaduto Santa Ifigênia | Santa Ifigenia Viaduct


Rua 25 de março | 25th March Street


Teatro Municipal | Municipal Theater


Rua São Bento | São Bento Street


Avenida Paulista | Paulista Avenue


Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil | Theatre, Cinema and Exhibition Centre


Avenida 23 de maio | 23rd May Avenue


Galeria 7 de Abril | Shopping mall 7th April


Obelisco de São Paulo | São Paulo Obelisk


Arcos da Rua Jandaia | Arches of Jandaia Street


Vão livre do MASP | Standing Space of Museum of Art of São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand


Ponte Octávio Frias de Oliveira | Octávio Frias de Oliveira Bridge


Rio Pinheiros | Pinheiros River


Edifício Altino Arantes | Altino Arantes Building


Estádio Municipal Paulo Machado de Carvalho | Pacaembu Football Stadium


Estação da Luz | Luz Station

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