In January of 2016, I had the opportunity to see the work of Candi Horgan, the person responsible for the Prójekt Ubuntu in South Africa. In her house, Candi receives people from all over the world to work in the communities around Cape Town. With a head office and clusters spread in the communities, the volunteers provide mainly, educational activities to children, also offering orientation and support to their families.

The photos showed the night where most of the volunteers arrived from several different countries. To introduce the newbies, Candi promoted a dinner and invited people from the community to present the African history, although the music. As we can see, music and dance were the best way to promote the integration between all volunteers.

The significant differential of this work is that all actions involve recovering and spreading Ubuntu awareness. This “philosophy”, which have roots in ancient tribes, is based on the concept: “I am because we are”. Understanding what the beginning of humanity is, the “essence of human beings”, where “the human being belongs to the community, and the community is responsible for the human being”.

The idea of working with volunteers from different countries is the way that Candi found to spread the Ubuntu awareness to the world: “One of the main gifts from this project is that people from all nations come here to get to know and learn about the African culture. As they live the Ubuntu, in the future, these youngsters, who will be lawyers, doctors and other professionals, will spread what they learned with their community and families”, Candi says.

Indeed, this night was the beginning of a great adventure for these volunteers. What they will learn with this experience, beyond to contribute to the development of local communities, will help to spread the Ubuntu awareness for all around the world.


Marcella Meneguello
Prójekt Ubuntu – Cape Town, South Africa – January 2016

You can see more photos of Pròjekt Ubuntu at this LINK 


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